My interview with @Youngatstyle 

I met up with one of my favorite fashion bloggers this past Essence Music Festival weekend. It was such a pleasure to meet @Youngatstyle She was beyond sweet and humble. I gained so much from her motivation on and off the camera, and I hope you appreciate her advice as much as I truly do!!

Fashionably Yours,Arieal Chanè ❤️ 

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My Interview with Corey Calliet

Essence Music Festival is all about Music, FUN, and Networking! I managed to step away from all of the day parties and madness on the New Orleans streets to do an impromptu interview with Celebrity Trainer Corey Calliet. Watch as we discuss our passions, advice for young entrepreneurs and of course Fashion!!! Can’t believe this video is over 4 minutes, but time flies when your having fun right!? 


Fashionably Yours,

Arieal Chanè ❤️


WCW: Tia Mowry

Tia has always been my personal favorite!!! I was that kid always boasting about being able to tell them apart!! Lol (don’t judge me)

Anywho; Over the years Tia has made a ton of questionable fashion decisions from head to toe!! I won’t get into detail, but recently her style has evolved and I LOVE it!!!!!! She’s taking more polished risks with her looks, And who doesn’t love a woman that is fearless? 

I could go on and on about my Love for Tia, her Love Story, and standing up for herself when the media criticized the way she chooses to have her sons hair, but I won’t! Lol

Hope you enjoyed my fav Tia Mowry Fashion Statements! 😍😘

The New Nudes: Christian Louboutin Spring 2015 Lookbook

“They” say Every woman should have a good nude shoe in her closet. Most Likely, “nude” for most women is beige, and extremely far off of their natural skin color. Christian Louboutin just might have changed this fashion mishap forever! With his Spring 2015 Lookbook entitled “New Nudes”, he is proving that shoes can be just as diverse as the women that wear them! I’m sure most women will agree that It is long overdue. Right now there are only 5 shades available, but of course the popular shoe pioneer has plenty more up his sleeve.    


How to wear STEVE MADDEN sneakers!

How to wear STEVE MADDEN sneakers!

Long woolen coat

French Connection denim jeans
$120 –

Bracelet bangle

Bracelet jewelry

VILA black infinity scarve
$26 –

Nars cosmetic

Versace perfume