Your Summer Skin!!

Spring/ Summer face routine

With spring and summer rapidly approaching we all still want to have even skin without pounds of makeup. Here are some tips to still achieve even skin with using less of the same products you are using.

– Tinted moisturizers and great in the summer. It evens out your skin, moisturize, and it also has SPF. Some tinted moisturizer may not give the desire coverage and if that is the case you can spot treat with concealer and lightly set your tinted moisturizer with you foundation powder. You can also add a half pump of your liquid foundation for a little more coverage just make sure u set it with a finishing powder!

– using your daily moisturizer, add a pump of your liquid foundation to sheer it down .This is an easy way to make a tinted moisturizer. With products you already have. Just make sure your moisturizer has SPF in it.

You can always follow up with blush, bronzer, or a Luminizer to complete your look..

Remember SKIN is key!! Using less product, looking natural, showing more skin, texture, and letting you skin breath for the hotter months of the year!

Pierrereyon Ellis
Instagram: PierrereyonEBeauty
Facebook: Pierrereyon Ellis
Twitter: PierreryonE


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