Shoesday Tuesday: Charlotte Olympia

Sooooo many awesome collections!….I couldn’t choose just 1 to feature….

Spring 2014 Collection
“Overboard and into the deep blue sea, the whirlpool of Charlotte Olympia’s Spring/Summer ‘14 collection pulls you towards the shores of a desert island far far away where mermaids and nautical inspired designs swirl amongst crustaceans, blooms of jellyfish, glimmering starfish and other natural wonders.”

Reminiscent of Ariel the “Little Mermaid” to me…..the pump with the letter in the glass bottle as a heel and the shipwreck wedges with the mermaid on the back of the ship and ocean waves at the bottom of the shoe did it for me!! Love at first sight! And the pumps with the imitation seaweed and the wedges with the little red crabs are amazing also! BTW…the postcard, treasure chest, pineapple and fish are all clutches to match! 😍

The “INCY” collection! 😍😍😍
For your little incy wincy people!
And every purchase comes with a coloring book and crayons….How could you NOT love this!!!

And there’s a “MENS” Collection!
Charlotte Olympia Signature Flats with Cuff Links to match! Love, Love, LOVE!

The “Cruise 14” Collection
Inspired by an Ice Cream Sundae! 😍
I’m in love with the Ice Cream Cone Pump!!! BTW the gummy bears are clutches! LOVE!!!

20140415-231808.jpgThe “Cruise 14” Collection Continued
Inspired by the Comic Book “Archie”
I loved watching “Archie” every Saturday, so it’s absolutely no question that I’m in LOVE with this collection! Comic Book wedges and Betty and Veronica pumps with clutches to match!…Perfect! BTW…the jukebox, telephone, and record player are all clutches also! 😍😍😍

Lastly….the “Eastern Cosmic” Collection!….there’s a pair of flats, pumps, and a clutch to match EVERY astrology sign! LOVE!!!!
P.S. There’s a “Western Cosmic” Collection also!

See more and make purchases here


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