Melanin Overload! 😍

Black Women are soooo Beautiful, It’s Exhilirating! 

Here’s a look at My Favorite Looks from last nights Black Girls Rock red carpet appearances. And just a few of my not so fave. 

The Beautiful Host Tracie Ellis Ross 😍    I’m sure it’s safe say Monica SLAYED!!  Cicely Tyson is giving me soooooo much life!!! I LOVE THIS LOOK!! She’s a living testament that “Black DONT Crack” lol       I’m in the love with the classiness that Shonda Rhimes and her beautiful daughter Harper Rhimes exhibited on the Red Carpet. She’s setting a great example!

  Of course I’m a Huge Fan of color blocking, but those shoes have to go little Miss Skye!!Andra Day! 😍😍😍     I’ve always been somewhat of a Naturi Haughton fan, but I’m not feeling this back to the future sleeve! Especially the black shoes 😒✌🏾️   Eva could have done better! ✌🏾️ Does Rhianna have on her dads pajama shirt?  Jazmine Sullivan……huge No No!    


   One of my favorite people in the entire world made an appearance, Debby Allen!   

Can’t wait to see Lauryn Hills Performance!Make sure you tune into BET on Tuesday April 5th.
Fashionably Yours, 

Arieal Chane’ ❀️


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